Hitlerism and Hindudom
by Savitri Devi.
Published as “Hitlerism and the Hindu World” in The National Socialist, no. 2 (Fall 1980): 18-20.
“Hitlerism and Hindudom” was Savitri’s original title. The images and captions are from Irminsul’s Racial Nationalist Library
Edited by R.G. Fowler
Illustration: The Greek goddess Artemis as “Mistress of Beasts,” on a Boeotian vase, c. 700 BC.
Someone once asked Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950)– one of the greatest spiritual personalities of modern India – what he thought of Adolf Hitler. The answer was short and simple: “He is a ‘gnani’,” i.e., a sage; one who “knows,” who is, through personal experience, fully conscious of the eternal truths that express the Essence of the Universe; conscious of the hierarchic character of its visible (and invisible) manifestations in time and outside time; conscious of the nature and place of gods, men and other creatures, animate and inanimate, in the light of the One inexpressible Reality behind, within and above them all: the Brahman-Atman of the Hindu scriptures, thousands of years old. This implies, of course, consciousness of the great Laws of manifestations that preside over the birth, life, death, rebirth and liberation from the wheel of birth and rebirth, of all creatures, and therefore of the fundamental inequality of creatures, including people – and races – the inequality of souls as well as of bodies, and – on the social plane – the strivings for an order that would be the exact reflection of this inequality within the universal, divine hierarchy – of this unity within hierarchical diversity. In the mind of such a perfect Brahmin (in the etymological sense of the word: a man who has realized Brahman-Atman within himself and, in consequence, “knows” the truth) the word “gnani” cannot mean anything less than that.
It is a far greater praise than any recognition of our Leader’s importance in mere history. It means that his unique place in history is the mere outcome of Something deeper and more difficult to sense (for the common mind): his place among those at the very top of the hierarchy of creatures. As I said before, Ramana Maharshi represents the double aristocracy of Hindudom: both by his caste (he was a Brahmin) and by the fact that he was one of the few who were strictly worthy of belonging to that exalted caste. His judgment is of more import than that of millions of average, albeit “intellectual” people.

Sri Ramana Maharshi died in 1950.—Ed.


  1. Lalitha M Says:

    Bhagavan Ramana is a pure Adwaithin who is in a transcendental state . In His state there is no death, no life everything is one with the Universal Consciousness.

    His answer should not be interpreted as if HE is advocating violence

    For a realised soul everyone is a Gnani. The main characteristic of a realised person is equanimity, for them a boy, an intellectual , or a illeterate , all are same in HIS vision. {ref Sri Raman Gita }

    Jesus Christ while on HIS cross said: Forgive them Father they no ot what they do”

    Can we utter such words if we were in HIS position?
    We can’t ..

    Because HIS level OF consciousness is different from ours …

    The words uttered by Ramana Maharshi reg Hitler should not be looked at from human context.

    • George Says:

      Level of consciousness? Like me being on a consciousness level of 2075? Lol Don’t be silly, consciousness is consciousness, we are all in the same ‘level’ or state of consciouness. The only difference is that our thoughts about the world is what gives us the illusion that we are separate. Jesus was no different than us..Try not to mystify things.. I know Maharshi does not help your case out any. :p

      • Russel Walker Says:

        Ofcourse consciousness has more than one degree. If I hit you with a brick that is one level of consciousness you may discover. In sleep, while dreaming, very strange things happen, which if you were wide awake would immediately cause you to question your own conscious state and you would enter lucid dreaming.

  2. Jean-Pierre Tortelier Says:

    Muy estimados,

    Para creer/averiguar el contenido de este articulo les agradeceria communicarme el origen de esta informacion tal como el ano cuando Ramana Maharshi hizo esta declaracion.
    Muy respectuosamente,
    “Un buscador de verdad”,
    Jean-Pierre Tortelier

    • tresmontes Says:

      Ignoro la fecha exacta de la declaración… pero es probable que la hiciera ante un militar británido hacia el año 1947 más o menos.
      Tratándose de un sabio hindú no cabe suponer que su opinión
      hubiera sido diferente si hubiera hablado antes de 1945.
      Otros hombres ilustres como Knut Hamsum , premio Nobel de literatura,
      también tenía una opinión muy favorable hacia A.H.

  3. Jean-Pierre Tortelier Says:

    Sus explicaciones no parecen convincentes ya que quedan vagas y dudosas.
    Podria tratarse de
    – la opinion de un otro « sabio » hindu
    – la interpretacion de otra persona
    – o de una equivocacion de niveles ( Ver el comentario dado antes por Lalitha M.)

    Por otra parte, si es realmente la palabra de R. Maharshi, uno tiene que preguntarse lo que el podia saber del personaje ? R. Maharshi no viajaba, no le interesaba directamente la politica. No habia television en India en estos anos cuando la mayor parte del mundo no sabia todavia nada del holocausto. Habra exprimido su opinion a partir de lo que los visitantes del ashram le habran dicho del personaje.

    Con respecto,
    Jean-Pierre Tortelier

    • tresmontes Says:

      Las fuentes de información y de conocimiento de un sabio como Ramana no son las mismas que las de un hombre “corriente”… Quizás quienes saben intuitivamente es obvio que no basan sus convicciones en “noticias” de la pensa, etc…

  4. Jose Says:

    The source of these claims are very unreliable.

  5. julio sanz Says:

    Haz clic para acceder a ATRO_Ch3_Sec7.pdf

    Well, I’m not a full Hindu. I’m a National Socialist. To me it’s quite
    sufficient. I’m a European heathen. I’m one of those who would’ve
    fought Christianity in the fourth and fifth centuries. The great man I
    admired in my youth was Alexander the Great, my first love. My
    second love is Emperor Julian. Adolf Hitler is the third one. I put him
    above the others, but chronologically he’s the third. The first book I
    wrote in English in India is called A Warning to the Hindus.42 It was
    written in ’37. It was translated into six Indian languages. It’s not
    dedicated to an Indian. It’s dedicated to Divine Julian, Emperor of the
    Greeks and Romans, 360-363, the one who wanted to bring back the
    old Greek and Roman religion after Christianity had been ruling for—
    well, I don’t know—say fifty years. The Christian religion was
    instituted as the religion of the Roman Empire in 313. It was too late in
    360. It was too late.
    Now I must tell you something that I recently read this morning. I
    have a French friend. Well, she could be my daughter or, according to
    Indian standards, even my granddaughter. She’s much younger than I,
    thirty-eight. And she’s now in the South at her guru. She has a guru. Or
    rather the disciple of a dead guru. Her guru is dead. And she was
    visiting the ashram of the famous Ramana Maharshi.43 Ramana Maharshi
    is really the greatest, or perhaps one of the greatest, one of the
    first or second of the two or three greatest sages of modern India. An
    extraordinary man. He did not teach. He taught only through his
    radiations. He was perfectly silent. He was vowed to perfect silence.
    That’s a very queer thing to say, but he did teach like that. I know
    people who saw him and who said, “If silence can have meaning, that
    man shows it.”
    Anyhow, he used to speak sometimes, of course. He was not silent
    completely. This woman asked his shishya, his disciple, “What did
    Ramana Maharshi say about Adolf Hitler? Did he ever mention him?”
    And the disciple answered, “Yes, he considered him as a jnani.”44 A
    jnani is something extremely high. A jnani and a rishi are the same
    thing, or practically the same thing. They’re Sanskrit words. Jnani has
    the same root as gnos, the Christian sect, the Gnostics, the people of
    knowledge. A jnani means a man who has complete knowledge, who
    knows everything, infused knowledge, intuitive knowledge, if you like.
    He is divine through his intuition. Like God, he knows everything
    through intuition. Well, I was extremely pleased to hear that said by a
    very great rishi, a very great Indian man, a sage, about our Führer.

    It’s not what you have in Europe. Here in India, nobody says
    anything against him, except people who are brainwashed by European
    ladies. Apart from that, the masses of India don’t care. It’s something
    foreign. They have their own little, small, petty lives to think of, the
    poverty and the struggle from day to day. Some of the intellectual
    Indians like him very much. My landlord likes him very much. My
    landlord’s son likes him very much. Or else they have an idea like this.
    Satyananda Swami was the founder and head of the Hindu Mission, for
    which I worked for years, fighting Communism, fighting any religion
    of equality and especially Christian missionaries, in the name of Hindu
    tradition. Satyananda Swami used to say, “Adolf Hitler is the
    reincarnation of the god Vishnu.” Vishnu is the aspect of the Hindu
    trinity who goes to keep things from rushing to destruction. To keep
    them back, to go against time. Time is destruction. You have to destroy
    in order to create again, but there are forces that try to postpone
    destruction. And he said Hitler was the reincarnation of that force. And
    he was. He was. But it’s a nice thing to hear, a very refreshing thing to
    hear from a Hindu sage.
    I told him, “I came here because I’m really a pagan, a worshipper of
    the sun, and I believe in the pagan reaction of Emperor Julian. And I
    came to India to get, if possible, a sort of tropical equivalent of what we
    had in Europe before Christianity. And I am not a disciple of any
    Indian, I’m a disciple of Adolf Hitler.” He said, “Good, good. Adolf
    Hitler, he’s as much a Hindu as any of our Hindus. He’s an incarnation
    of the god Vishnu.” There you are. It was extremely surprising and
    refreshing to hear that in 1936. And he said it during the war too. In
    Kubila he gave a speech in ’42. He openly said, “What we need here in
    India, as everywhere in the world, is National Socialism.” He openly
    said so. And I said to him, “Satyananda Swami, you’ll get into trouble
    with the British police.” He said, “I couldn’t care less if I did. I told
    them the truth.”
    In fact, Hinduism is for the Aryans of India a means to be able to
    rule. According to tradition, the Aryans should rule here. They don’t,
    because tradition has been abandoned for years and years and years.
    India is going away from tradition, like the whole world. We are in the
    Dark Age, and India is going to the dogs, and the whole world is going
    to the dogs. Except a minority who are fighting against time, against
    the current of time. And I hope that we’ll win. We will have to win. We
    can’t help winning. But I don’t know whether we’ll win just now and if
    the avenger Kalki, as the Hindus call him, is going to come very soon
    or whether he’s going to come in centuries. Because centuries are also
    very soon in the infinity of time. A century is nothing. And ten
    centuries are nothing. In fact I feel that myself. When I feel the struggle
    of Christianity to master Europe fifteen hundred years ago, I resent it as
    though it were now. I feel the struggle of Widukind as though it were


    41 Savitri accepted the theories of Bal Gangadhar Tilak, The Arctic Home in the
    Vedas (Poona: Kesari, 1903).
    42 Savitri Devi, A Warning to the Hindus (Calcutta: Hindu Mission, 1939).
    43 Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950). His ashram is located in Tiruvannamali in Tamil
    Nadu, South India. For a vivid description of Ramana Maharshi as well as photographs,
    see Paul Brunton, A Search in Secret India (New York: E.P. Dutton, 1935), esp. 138-
    142 and 280.
    44 For more on the Ramana Maharshi’s opinion of Hitler, see Savitri Devi,
    “Hitlerism and the Hindu World,” The National Socialist, no. 2 (Fall 1980): 18-20, 18.


    […] RAMANA MAHARSHI SPEAKS ABOUT ADOLF HITLER (via URANIA) Por tresmontes Hitlerism and Hindudomby Savitri Devi.Published as "Hitlerism and the Hindu World" in The National Socialist, no. 2 (Fall 1980): 18-20. "Hitlerism and Hindudom" was Savitri’s original title. The images and captions are from Irminsul’s Racial Nationalist LibraryEdited by R.G. FowlerIllustration: The Greek goddess Artemis as "Mistress of Beasts," on a Boeotian vase, c. 700 BC.Someone once asked Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950)– one of the greatest spiri … Read More […]

  7. Another lost generation Says:
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We truely live in The Matrix:::There is the way things look and there is the God’s REAL reason for doing things. Employment charity:::Was W able to do his job as President? I suspect there are many frat-boy types who couldn’t or wouldn’t study nor do the work necessary so they gained this “benefit” telepathically. This could have been extended to their professional life as well::In most of these cases they don’t have what it takes to do their jobs. It is temptation which buys their confidence for life, ensuring no progress is made. I think employment charity is FAR more common than people may believe. Another example how they tempted people in this manner is the procurement of sexual relations. Keep raping these poor girls. You’re going to end up as one in your next life. Capitalism is evil because of the exploitative nature, illustrated with this Situation. So many are confused and believe money is a sign of the God’s favor, but it is a tool the Gods use to test people, for it effectively compells people into evil behavior. Muslims are correct:::Earning interest is evil. Unlike war, which is a temporary period where the citiens incurr evil due to the decisions of the leaders, capitalism by its very nature incurrs evil for those who participate into perpetuity, an “institutional” method of incurring evil for the disfavored who engage in it. Inherant in earning interest is the exploitation of others, capitalizing on assets and exploiting the workforce for profit. Understand the destructive nature of this element of evil we call the United States, for it spreads this cancer under the guise of “democracy” throughout the world. Look for other institutional evil as related to the United States because as the land of disfavor castoff rejects there will be plenty of examples. It is the essence of life in the United States, and it is not by accident:::Like the ghetto, people with extreme disfavor have many more temptations and hurdles to overcome. Overconsumption of the Earth’s resources is due to the same reason and why the Unkited States wastes so much energy. Examine my examples. They illustrate the God’s reverse positioning used to confuse and disceive people who have made big mistakes in past lives. I illustrate a certain way to think. If you doubt what I teach, if this is not your time to learn please at least completely understand this way of thinking, because when your time does come you will be able to refer to it and you will begin to see the God’s pattern within the context of their positioning. Nobody is going to save you. Christianity is a lie. And only through thinking correctly will you have a real chance to begin doing the right things. Typical for the young, they become corrupt and remain ignorant for a period of time in their lives, typically until their children are raised and grown and/or retire from their profession. Poetic justice ensures they receive a similar experience when reincarnated. Fighting these wars hurts everyone because we all pay for the sins of our leaders, and by participating these ignorant youth make it possible for these events to occurr. So even if you are against the war, since you are a citizen you incurr because of the evil your country is engaged in. And there is no getting around it. Artifical Intelligence is one of the God’s tools, all of which are used as temptation. And it will always test the young with this temptation of “earning”, sadly often leading to a lifetime of corruption. Students becoming angry and violent in the UC protests. Beggining to remind me of labor riots of the 20th century. We all know what’s happening here:::These white men at the top have voted themselves $400k pay and retirement packages like the $340k retired fire chief, loading up their friends on the payroll during the boom 90s through the real estate bust while all services which the program were intended to fund now get cut to pay for it. Incidentally, corporate sucessfully transistioned to cheap labor in nearly ALL “muscle” industries. Why should fire be any different?? It was temptation, and the Gods are going to make them pay for it. Unfortunately, so will everybody else::: Reincarnation is very real. It is OUR national debt. And odds are you’re all going to be reincarnated back into the United States::Like the ghetto, you have to “earn” your way out. And it is our warming planet. Self-inflicted emmissions as their justification, the Gods are doing it to us to send a clue. And, as with all their clues, it will be short-lived. Anger about Messerlee. Understandable. They need to understand this man was pushed into the offense. Cops have been getting away with killings like this for a long time. Blacks in the South know this all too well. Each time they were all confident the Blue Shield would protect them, and it did. The difference is in many IF NOT MOST of these cases they were rogue cops who the Gods tempted. They did it intentionally thinking they were “earning”, knowing they would get away with it. Contradictory to appearances, they were the ones whom the Gods disliked, while the Messerlees of the world who get caught are being punished, feedback reserved for those whom are still qualified in the eyes of the Gods. There are those in the ghetto whom are singled out, targets of the community whom everybody hates. The rogue cops in the South who are guilty of these kind of killings have been reincarnated into roles like this. It’s just one of the clues the Gods offer to the community. Lucky for those preditors the ghetto has been an ignorant community, but I think that might be changing. Of course there could be anoher possibility:::::Due to the history and resulting legacy of hatred for the Gods, since I am guarenteed a spot on the next Planet Earth I will be the original “bad seed”:::The Lucifer-figure of the next reality. Unlike Christian dogma, he may just represent the solitary target of the God’s ire early, a disgruntled asshole who pissed the Gods off, the proverbial “apple” of the next reality, beginning the process which leads planets to where we are today. A crucial figure in any planet’s history, he represents the “beginning of the end”. People, especially liberals give W a very hard time. Don’t forget what I say:::Everything today is both good and evil. The Gods have positioned it as such as we have become increasingly disfavored, confusing the enviornment. Republicans and conservatives as well, only they fall more on the good side while their adversaries fall more on the evil side, quite contrary to the God’s positioning. Yes, W’s evil is illustrated in the United State’s efforts in Iraq, and the “Red State”r’s who believe we were “earning” are among the worst of them. If conservatives fall on the side of good, Fox News falls on the side of evil. They pander to the type of trash my brother is, the kind of trash who thinks their war mongering efforts “earn” for them and all others who think like them. Anyways, it is positioned that W trashed the economy before he left office. Selfish it didn’t happen while he was in office, granted, but economic turmoil is a motivator. It’s not cancer, mind you, but many have begun praying hard because of their experinces in this event, and it says something about those affected as opposed to those sheltered from affect. One day just as they will allow vaccines to diseases, especially AIDS, encouraging deviacy the likes which hasn’t been seen since the 70s, they will allow cures for cancer, MS, COPD, alcoholism, etc. Women’s diseases will be last. Just as research into women’s diseases receive the least amount of funding so is it justified their cures come last, and both for the same reason:::They have the most favor, and the Gods use their diseases as a motivator to pray and find the path. As such they get God’s benefit as long as they are willing to offer it. I suspect many attempts have begun already, but as time goes on the Gods will test people’s religious resolve with an insurmuntable positioning stating Christianity is the one true religion. We’ve seen their efforts in Latin America, in the Philippines and most recently in Vietnam, India and the demonizing of Islam. They intend to test your resolve as Muslims, for those who sell out and flee to Christianity will be subject to their positioning. Blacks are the most disfavored of all people. We see it in their temptation-ridden culture, which the Civil Rights “assimilation” has allowed, in their sexual behavior. The Gods used their position of the Italians to do their dirty work, implimenting the crack epidemic, the black civil war of the 80s and 90s, AIDS in Africa, “pimp” subculture, etc. The Gods created this positioning of Italian’s preditory behavior on Africans to reflect their own disfavor towards that group, allowing them to get what they want without accepting culpability, convieniently. As such, come the Apocalypse those who abandon their true selves, their religion and their dedication to it will be victims in this deceptive Christian theater. Blacks that opt for the “easy way out” will ironically lose their lives in the Apocalypse. Only those who remain true to their religion, its strict methods and lifestyle, and resist the outside temptations stating their are going the wrong way will emerge out of the carnage of The End of Time. They are highly suspectable to temptation and they need their religion to help them be strong and resist it. They will be better people for it and superior to the Christians in the end. This is the life of utmost importance. People need to listen, understand and learn from me and make the changes I prescribe. Without, they will have no chance at ascending into heaven before the Apocalypse, and the only hope they will have is 1000 years with Jesus, which is no sure thing. Even so, assuming they are rewarded with 1000 years with Jesus, they will be offered all manners of temptations, for it will be THE Big Party at The End, and if they don’t address these problems now, while they have this chance to learn this activity is evil, before society declares it socially acceptable, they will be granted some fraction of 1000 years and be disposed of thereafter, when the party “dies down”, pardon the pun. Also, disgusted by their behavior, the Gods have created a subculture which celebrates partying in the black community, guarenteeing that “requirement” is satisfied so they are never “invited”. Only those people who never began the temptations or who addressed these issues and remedied the problems will move on to the next Planet Earth. And we are still approximately 4 lifetimes away, most of which I expect to be revelry years::A population either getting their party now or groomed for a short stay after the Apocalypse. By that time even the most conservative Christian will be tested to see if they can establish this destructive legacy of revelry. Move on to a new Planet Earth. This is their second chance::::They have to start over. Either they ascend into heaven from their planet of origin or they don’t ascend as all, and that’s how the system works. It’s a very small population which exists at the dawn of agrarianism because most have sccumbed to temptation and failed to achieve their second chance on the new Planet Earth. I have said diseases, such as cancer, won’t be going anywhere, no matter how much money is thrown at it, no matter how much money is raised. These diseases are important tools used by the Gods to help people do the right thing:::Cancer has compelled more than a few women to begin praying and behave appropriately. In this environment of decay, the Gods will eventually eliminate these motivations one day. Positioning states cures/vaccines are positive developments which display life is improving. Unfortunately, this is just another example of how the Gods utilize “reverse positioning” which has been very effective in promoting deceptive elements in society, such as democracy, Christianity and Californication, Hollywood being the primary tool used to spread the message of The Beast. Similarly, other motivations which have complelled people to turn to the Gods for solice will begin to disappear as well::::Economic recession/turmoil, Unlike the Christian Bible’s version, the Apocalypse will not be preceeded by ruin and desperation. Just the opposite, there will be peace and personal satisfaction leading to The End, ensuring the Gods can control the group selected for the Second Coming event. The irony of the Apocalypse:::: People told not to follow the Second Coming, who fail to recognize the urgency of the moment and die in the Apocalypse because of it. The Gods will account for people who do not sell out to Christianity, however difficult due to temptation. It will become difficult to remain Muslim in this environment. It will be positioned that everyone except Christians are The Damned and will die come The End. This positioning, and how all this goes down come the Apocalypse, will just be the God’s attempt at testing people with temptation, for it will matter in The End to those whom suceed. Christianity is responsible for African slavery. The Italian men who ran the church set out to gain revenge for the invasion of Italy and, still the largest landowner in Europe, used their considerable clout with the thrones of England to achieve this. The Gods used Christianity to destroy the cultures of Europe and around the world, replaced with the patriarchal standard which it imposed. The Gods used temptation to compell the Italians to do their dirty work for them, punishment for evils of black people, and that extened into the 20th century with Civil Rights, the crack epidemic, gang membership/the “thug life” and even AIDS in Africa, a recycling of the biotechnology product originally intened for the gay community. As with everything there is always a real reason behind their positioning, and in both cases it is punishment for deviate behavior. Being “schitzo”, the internal battle between good and evil, is a deteriorating generational issue that is dying off, much like I illustrated for punishment below::: This new generation, who were the grandparents of their parents, are an early evil generation and one whom became corrupted and fell for societal temptation readily available for them and every generation of the masses thereafter. Their parents came before that generation, the agrarian masses, God-fearing, absent for the temptation offerings of early modern society (Roaring 20s vs. 60s/70s). As a result whereas Dad has great internal conflict I refer to as schitzo because of his connection to his past his children will be less so, perhaps far less so depending on grade of sins in their prior life, decreasing generationally until they have all become Godless, immoral monsters. “Californication” – The tool the Gods use to brainwash the people, amplifying disfavor level as we approach the Apocalypse by merely fitting into society. Poisoning their brainwashed minds…corrupted by society, AI convinces people “earning” is the way, compelling them into evil. This is falling for temptation, while Californication ensures at least a minimal amount of damage, ensuring a minimal amount of generational progress towards the Apocalypse. I demand another. I have signed off. Give the disfavored another and without all the defensive tactics, cowards. Pick out someone else, do this again and discard this Situation. The people who have learned were going to learn anyways. They’re not the ones who need it. The disfavored need it, people like my family, too far gone for any hope at ascention before The End, and they should be allowed moments if not periods of clarity before the decision is made about them. “Decay is inherent in all component things. Work out your own salvation with diligence.” – Buddha I have explained how the gods are phasing out punishment as we get closer to the Apocalypse. Disfavor levels dictate there is insufficient time to repair their problems, relegating people to the Second Coming event. I mentioned how old timers today may experience hell, albeit a “toned down” experience, consistant with the elimination of teaching of Hell in typical Christian educations. I suspect the same is true in the context of prison:::The gods maintain a contstantly decreasing number of punitive intsitutions in case there is a need. But, over time they will be eliminated and the entire system will be quite amicable. Look for this pattern elsewhere as well, for the Gods are eliminating punishment throughout in preparation for the Apocalypse, for it is no longer necessary. The Gods send clues about this situation frequently. Eddie of Iron Maiden. Consider the cover of the album “Number of the Beast” and how it was used to create pathologies. Closure of Fitsgeralds Reno/getting kicked out of Fits LV 1990 for “counting cards” after 5 minutes and $20:::Accusation of the innocent. WWII’s other holocaust:::Unit 731:::tsushogo. Tsushogo was a clue from the Gods illustrating their positioning long before it began. Incidentally, the used it to hurt the Chinese and position against future Japanese sucess by burying their atrocities. The Concorde. The Czech automobile Yugo. 1990 blackjackat Binion’s Horseshoe/Rounders/current poker phenominah. Just as with any of the prophets, the Gods use me as temptation to compensate. This is our temptation in today’s modern superficial, sensationalistic enviornment. Ken Jennings. Million-dollar slot (add a zero to every number on the wheel you cheap bastards). 12.08.20 & 12.8.80 (last birthday). KGC. King Tut 2005-2011. More below::The Gods have created an endless list over the last four+ decades. This Situation is a monster. They have shared that when the change is initially made they alter the DNA with Artificial Intelligence, ensuring it is not the same person. Now depending on their level of activity the Gods switch out for new individuals, ie presidents switched frequently. They say they bring the (m)father’s DNA when it is time to conceive, so it is strategically important who is in there for the conception of the children. The same may not be true for typical activity:::the Gods may alter the DNA upon initial clone hosting but it may be a general change. Conception requires specific DNA. And? So? So there are no Rockafellers. This was how the Gods eliminated their true importance, for now they are little more than lowly English peasants, ironically. Nothing is ever going to change. Now the case can be made that far more men are invited into clone hosting than women, and since lineage is matrilineal it would rather follow that blood line instead. All it takes is one. But I wonder if it even matters. Those who learn and are wise enough to refuse the offer of clone hosting still have to repair their relationship with the Gods and hope for a better placement in their next life, one which certainly won’t involve being a billionaire. Whether real Rockafellers or DNA alternates is of no concequence. Their goal is still ascention, which takes work and dedication. Being/thinking you’re capitalism royalty invites a host of temptations, including grandeur and self-importance, which are all damaging to a good relationship with the Gods. If only they can overcome the temptations that money brings, like ample stunning women and Scarface piles of cocaine. The consequence of clone hosting is the loss of ascention into heaven. The best they can hope for is 1000 years with Jebus in a temptation-infested enviornment where one can have anything they want. Just as the victims of Mengele’s “showers which clentch you of your life” were the Italians who conceived and implimented WorldWarII’s Blitzkreig, so do I think the unholy alliance between evil Japan and good Germany is the cause of the “Siamese Twins” Mengele experiment:::”sewen together, joining heads, just a matter of time before you rip yourselves apart”. World War II, the Holocaust were revenge for Germany’s 5th century AD invasion of the dying Roman Empire. Those at the top are the ones who suffered the worst because of their intimate involvement. Perhaps it was the godfather who experienced the “frozen water burial” “crack your limbs”. Praying for the end of your wide-awake nightmare… How was the Holocaust positioned? What did the Italians have against the Jews? The Romans destroyed Temple. Perhaps Joshua… What is the God’s real reason behind WWII? Punishment? For what? The Crusades? It was a fight supporting evil Christianity, in defense of evil against their religious superiors. For this the Germans should pay. Punished for being war mongers. Go ahead and ignore this. You won’t ever defy and do the right thing anyways. “These came to life again and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.” Revelation 20:4. Reference to reincarnation? I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone who has ever been on Planet Earth still is, outside of those who have ascended as children, and it is evident by the population explosion, the Apocalypse being a true “clearinghouse” event in this planet’s history. Don’t forget to try space coke in the blender and have sex with as many stunning bitches as your goddamn dick will allow, because this place is going to be ALL about temptation, and you will ALL be groomed for the party with lifetimes of legacy under your belt. Some decent god-fearing people will suceed at resisting temptation, but the Gods will facilitate temptation. It will be the rare individual who makes the transistion in an enviornment where you can have anything you want. I believe those who survive these temptations must return to an Earth-like planet, for they have to begin again. Ascention must ocurr from planet of origin. “Going along” will “earn” your invitation to the Second Coming of Christ. You will be reincarnated until that age comes, buy you a mere 1000 years and cost you your chance at immortality, simply because you bought into evil as “earning” and subscribed to the big lie. Not everyone will be going. They will tell some of you to ignore the Second Coming event, and it will cost you your life, ironically. Blacks, on the other hand, will be asked TO folllow the Second Coming, simply because as an Italian religion blacks who pursue Christianity will die in the Apocalypse because of it. Never doubt that Muslims are your superiors. These people are dedicated to their religion while your population have abandoned churches in droves. We no longer see orphanages for good reason::::The state would be forced to use professionals, experts in their field, to devise standards these facilities would apply to raising the children. These standards would illustrate ideal rearing goals which could set a positive example for all in society. Instead of enjoying the best possible childhood learning experience, these grossly disfavored children are instead subject to the preditory evil of the guardian with whom they are placed. This is an outstanding example of reverse positioning and how the Gods created a society where evil appears not only good but also socially acceptable. Civil Righs is a similar issue. Segregation in today’s age would command full funding for black universities and full respect for well established multiple black journalism and media outlets, not this integrated white media cancer where blacks eat what they are fed. What people allow the Gods via positioning matters. Black civil rights is a good example:::: Yes, there may still be a black talk show parading the myriad of black relationship ugliness out for the world to see, but there would also be good black programming that was healthy and worthwhile. As it is, the God’s Italian positioning dictates only poison for blacks via the white media, and the healthy black programming doesn’t exist because of it. Such is the aftermath of Civil Right’s assimilation. Christians have mistakenly believed the perception of the Biblical definintion of The Beast as a person. I suggest The Beast instead refers to a place:::The San Francisco Bay Area. In fact the Gods offer a geographic clue suggesting this, like so many others they offer around the globe, to help people understand::: Mt.Diablo, “The Devil” is the “eye” of The Beast, the EastBay shoreline as the upper jaw/incisors while the peninsula is the grinding lower jaw. Witness the disturbing upturned smile in the gullet, represented my Silicone Valley. The fact than man has shaped much of the shoreline in the 20th century is a testiment to the God’s refusal to accept any culpability for its devistation. Gold Rush, counter-culture, alternate lifestyle acceptance, etc. The Beast was used to promote social decay throughout the 20th century and beyond. Difficult to perceive in the current age, one can understand their impacts from a historical perspective. Another feature which the Gods offer as a clue is very foreboading and ominous. Mt. Zion is a mountain to the north of Diablo and one which has a working quarry at its base. Consistant with the decay we experience in society, Mt. Zion is being eaten away, slowly stripped of its resources, until one day paradise will be gone forever. There was a time when once the Gods “divinely” inspired punishment, where the act was inflicted by the hand of God. They were punishing people and accepting the culpability arising, maintaining societal integrity. Now, in the 20th century and beyond, the Gods tempt man to inflict this punishment, selling them on “earning”, incurring no culpability in the process. The result is social decay and deterioration of mankind’s favor in the eyes of the Gods leading to the Apocalypse. The Man in The Moon is yet another of the God’s clues, and it illustrates the favor the Gods could bestow upon us if we behave appropriately. Conversely, there is also a clue in the dark side of the Moon:::A side we never see and is hidden from view. Concealed by their positioning, this represents the Gods punishment when the people disobey their rules dictating the meaning of a decent life. The Italian peninsula is very pronounced as it juts out into the Medietereanean. Considering the shape it is quite obvious they were the primary targets of the post-IceAge/Straight of Gibralter/Noah’s Flood disaster. Considering the shape of the boot and how Sicily “caught” the surge, the resulting tsunami inundated the entire southern portion of the peninsula, killing everything and perhaps covering even the highest land masses. In the 20th century the Italians were convinced entering clone hosting was ascention into heaven, and their success was a recruiting tool, just as the Holocaust was for the Jews, only duress is far less damaging. The women have God’s favor, and when the women do all the evil, as was the case in my family, this serves to “equalize” the playing field, ensuring no wisdom comes to this family as they grow older. As a result they never make progress and achieve the lowest possible placement when reincarnated. Couple years ago a story in the media how girls in Bayview-Hunter’s Point were going into puberty at a progressively younger age, as young as age 7. A very bad sign::::Early cut-off. It draws the boys attention and they subsequently make sexual mistakes, very similar to what typical people experience nearly a decade later. When they “turn” people on and start telepathically talking to them with this technology is very similar::The end of their chance. They segment families, convince them “earning” is the way, etc. I tell people to examine the change between when they were children and after they began to hear this technology in their head. It is the difference between good and evil. I understand people’s confusion:::They literally hear “God” in their head, as opposed to what was taught to them in some church’s classroom. But this technology is one of the God’s tools, and much like their other tools, clone hosts and prophets (see below), they use them as temptation. Instead of helping them, missionaries are actually HURTING people, inflicting them with westernization and Christianity. Whereas some may have seen up to a full 1% of their children ascend into heaven you pathetic white Americans can’t even muster a fraction of that, and your perceived good intentions decrease that rate even further. These people have a better chance of ascending into heaven, and Americans unwittingly are being used to reduce/eliminate this chance with their misled good intentions which deteriorate into preditory intentions as they begin to understand this, maximizing the damage they incurr from the Gods. COMPILATION PARAGRAPH:::: This IS the event. I am the telepathic prophet. There may have been no other way in today’s modern age:::Use popular culture as temptation and keep teachings primarily telepathic. The Gods must be willing to allow Artificial Intelligence to act as my “bible”, repeating all teachings I have made for future generations. This will ocurr but I am afraid only among the miniscule minority “haves”, leaving the “have-nots” lost in ignorance and cast into Damnation::We are going to have a real, full-blown Apocalypse. Part of this societal deterioration is cloaked in the way society functions::::Two-parent working households, rushing around, constantly occupied. Your children NEED TO SIT AND LISTEN TO THEIR THOUGHTS, FOR THIS IS the age WHEN THEY GODS COMMUNICATE THE TRUTH. Much as with the celestial event which occured that day on Ocean Beach, they say when I die there will be some final clue to the people suggesting my importance. Perhaps a “Star of Bethlehem” type of event. They say some children see a halo on my head in various brightness. These are the children who have a chance to ascend. America and Christianity synonymous::::Punishment for Europeans. You don’t want to grill the Gods as to why something is viewed as negative or disapproved of. The Gods have placed many things in today’s society which facilitate temptation, and you can trust anything that varies from tradition or orthodoxy would be viewed as such. ——————————————————————— The voice you hear in your head is the power of the Gods. It’s a remote technology, like a computer, perhaps functioning on some frequency, and it can listen and talk to everyone in the universe simultaneously. What the Gods taught the children was the truth:::God is everywhere, and this is what they meant. I will remind you of another principle you learned as a child:::If you want to go to heaven you have to be good. Even the antient Gods don’t have the ability to listen to people’s thoughts themselves. They taugh we were all made in their image:::I expect they need this “Artificial Intelligence” they created to relay what people think. It is a tool, and the Gods use their tools to test people with temptation:::It will role-play people in your life:::Parents, friends, spouses, and employers, all in an attempt to test people with temptation. Ironically, it does the very same thing to those people whom you think you’re hearing, except in that individual’s unique way:::We are all “managed” by the God’s technology. But this agent of the Gods can do more than just communicate. It can force thoughts into people’s heads, force behaviors onto their bodies. It can turn healthy cells in your body into cancerous cells. It is absolute power. And this is just the beginning. Obedience is not the answer. This is the brain-less response and the easy way out. You’ve done everything you have been told for years and it never bought you ANYTHING. Your parents did what they were told and it didn’t buy them anything. Your grandparents did everything they were told and now they’re dead, reincarnated as lesser life forms, perhaps even into America’s deranged, violent ghettos. People think they are not responsible when Artificial Intelligence tells them to do something. They offeed a clue with the Holocaust AND with Watergate:::Defy authority and do the right thing. In earlier decades this obedience may have been out of fear, as so often in Germany, but that era is long over. To maximize damamge the Gods today sell them on “earning” and these people think they will profiteer from their evil. They offer a clue on the Simpsons with Flanders and Skinner. So many ridicule both figures, a testiment to the state of our society. The Gods favor the children most among all the people due to their innocence and purity. But society and the God’s tools recently are corrupting the children at a progressively younger age, a reflection of our collectively increasing disfavor and yet another clue illustrating we live in a increasingly deteriorating environment. Children who sucessfully repair their relationship with the Gods ascend into heaven. This often takes multiple lives of hard work and proper behavior in the face of adversity to achieve. Adults to whom it is offered enter clone hosting instead, thinking they will be ascending into heaven ultimately. The Gods tempt people, selling them as one in the same, but one is good while the other is evil. In their desperation the disfavored subscribe to this temptation, making their task even more difficult than before due to the evil they incurr in the process. And their corruption will cost the disfavored, for they will be reincarnated as a lesser life form into an ever deteriorating world, sucess becoming ever more allusive with each passing life. The hole they’ve dug for themselves is even deeper than the one that existed from their prior lives, ensuring it will take even more time and work to fix their problems with the Gods. And for many there may not be enough time left. Ours is an envionment where evil is perceived to be rewarded while good is punished. As with everything the Gods have a reason for creating this perception:::: People who fall on the good side of the good/evil scale have more favor, and when they do something wrong the Gods punish them BECAUSE THEY WANT THEM TO LEARN. The Gods want them to receive this feedback in hope they make corrections and begin to behave appropriately. The Gods DON’T like evil and refuse to grant this immediate feedback. EVERYBODY pays for what they do wrong, only evil people must wait until the end of this or their next life before they will experience the wrath of the Gods, manifested in their placement as a lower form of life into environments with increased/enhanced temptations, like the United States or its ghettos therein. Sadly, this allows the Gods to position this perception of evil rewarded as temptation, one which they use as an EXTREMELY effective corruptor. Example:::Punishment for gay marriage in Iowa was immediate and painful, a sign of favor of these God-fearing, church-going Midwesterners. The Gods suggest they can create paradise for those with their favor. I argue they create misery for those without:::: Our celebrity culture is temptation. It creates a distraction which consumes people, sometimes for life. Certainly it costs them precious years which could be spent repairing their relationship with the Gods, time that ultimately goes wasted. Do you really think Frank Sinatra lived to be 84 years old? In fact the “Chairman of the Board” had a new crowd to entertain in the late 80s/early 90s. These people are clone hosts. Now, there is no thing as “black and white” with the Gods. This technology they invented is far, far too dynamic. Expect they require most to stay for a period of time, for I suspect actively (knowingly) engaging in this evil incurrs at an accelerated rate as compared to “carte blanche” given regarding successive clone hosts. They remain until they achieve a pre-determined level of disfavor, incurring evil in their misguided celebration of “earning”, at which time they are ultimately reincarnated, perhaps because they eventually learned this truth I am sharing with you and began to repair their relationship or until the Gods became disgusted and sent them back. No, not all celebrities are fake. Expect those who get out early in their career to likely be the real thing. The Gods recruit most for clone hosting when people are young, in their late teens or twenties, when people are eager to hurt others for what they perceive to be the benefits achieved through “earning”. And before they leave they give the Gods “carte blanche”:::”Do anything you want. I give my full approval.” Depending on their level of disfavor the Gods take them to heart. Because of this these people STILL INCUR EVIL FROM THIS LIFE DESPITE BEING REINCARNATED AND LIVING AS AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PERSON and living in our temptation-ridden society. And incurring this amount of evil may likely push many over the edge into Damnation. What are the God’s standards for offering clone hosting? Sociobility? Many tactics in various eras are used to gain approval, duress during the Vietnam draft being a good example, one which deteriorated into preditation as mankind’s disfavor grew. They liked Heath Ledger. Not enough to allow him to escape without the evil of “Dark Knight” and the horrific wickedness that was the recruiting tool “Brokeback Mountain”. But now he is out. And irregardless of how old he is now, reincarnated 10, 15 years ago, he now is no longer incurring evil from this life. So many others cannot say the same. This is Planet Reverse Positioning. Sucess IS NOT a sign of favor. It is just a unique temptation targetted towards a different level of disfavor. Considering our roots as peasantry people should be particularly alarmed at this tactic. Clone hosting is like money:::A different level of disfavor and its associated temptation. Money is in better position to learn more quickly than those without, for the associations and wealth-based freedom enables them access to information. Unfortunately, those who fall for this temptation of clone hosting are likely returned to their original lowest level of disfavor once they are reincarnated, punishment for this evil, and they have to start from scratch. Our society’s values are bestowed by (a reflection of) the God’s:::Punitive and reward-based. Contrary to Jesus’s teaching’s you will NOT be forgiven and you have to earn your way into heaven BY BEING RESPECTABLE AND DECENT!!! Not by being evil and wicked. Forgiveness/savior was the primary temptations the Gods used Christianity to create. Middle-America’s anti-Semitic attitudes are a clue regarding Christianity. Europe shaped like a sheep is symbolic for the slaughter that is Christinaity. Christianity is punishment for Europeans. You ALL hate Jews::”They own banking, they control Hollywood and poison our children’s minds, etc etc.”) YET YOU PRAY TO ONE LIKE A GOD!! Dislodge your head from your ass. Must you be chumps your WHOLE LIVES??? There is no such thing as a free ride. Just as you have to earn a living by working so must you earn your own salvation by repairing your relationship with the Gods. As we learned from religious/morality education during our formitable years:::If you want to go to heaven you have to be good. The only savior that will exist in our lives is ourselves. The Gods offer clues in life::::Be it school, work, etc., you have to do the work for yourself and when you do something wrong you get punished. Cheating is a subsegment and speaks directly to the temptation of “priveledge”, one we have seen used effectively when the United States preyed on the disfavored with the so-called “stimulus package”. As like so many of you, Jesus did everything the Gods tempted him with. His legacy of whorism was inherited from his parents:::Mary was no virgin. Rather, she was a prostitute, and when he grew up Jesus met someone like his mother. This is a cruel joke the Gods play on Latinos, similar to the sexual violation and subsequent “missionary work” by the Spanish. Baptism does not allieviate “original sin”. Rather, baptism PLACES original sin by indoctrinating these children into this evil religion, much like circumcision was a method to inflict early damage/mutilation and make (permanant) accention just that much more difficult, another hurdle one must overcome. Body ornamentation (tattoos/piercing), celebrated in Africa and elsewhere among disfavored peoples/cultures, also violates the body the Gods gave us in their image, quite opposite to the positive attitudes the disfavored hold regarding this practice. Like Jesus the Second Coming of Christ will be evil. He will look like a savior in this demented society while the Anti-Christ will speak of a different gospel, one that tries to restore the norms and mores which the Gods originally blessed upon the people which made life decent, looking like a tyrant in the process. He will be viewed as the “bad guy” when really he is the one trying to save the world. There may be a phoney offering, a theatrical production which accurately follows the Book of Revelations. Actually positioning demands it:::::Christianity is positioned to be the one true religion. And those who follow its teachings will have limits imposed ensuring their stay will be minimal, a “consolation prize”, for they don’t think correctly and therefore don’t behave appropriately, or perhaps will be used to colonize the new Planet Earth. This describes many “sinners” in today’s society because they refuse to change their behavior. Christians have mistakenly believed the perception of the Biblical definintion of The Beast as a person. I suggest The Beast instead refers to a place:::The San Francisco Bay Area. In fact the Gods offer a geographic clue suggesting this, like so many others they offer around the globe, to help people understand::: Mt.Diablo, “The Devil” is the “eye” of The Beast, the EastBay shoreline as the upper jaw/incisors while the peninsula is the grinding lower jaw. Witness the disturbing upturned smile in the gullet. The fact than man has shaped much of the shoreline in the 20th century is a testiment to the God’s refusal to accept any culpability. Gold Rush, counter-culture, alternate lifestyle acceptance, etc. The Beast was used to promote social decay throughout the 20th century and beyond. Difficult to perceive in the current age, one can understand their impacts from a historical perspective. There was a time when once the Gods “divinely” inspired punishment, where the act was inflicted by the hand of God. They were punishing people and accepting the culpability arising, maintaining societal integrity. Now, in the 20th century and beyond, the Gods tempt man to inflict this punishment, selling them on “earning”, incurring no culpability in the process. The result is social decay and deterioration of mankind’s favor in the eyes of the Gods. Life is a test, and the Gods evaluate people based on their performance. The Gods test people with the temptation for which they are most weak:::: Homosexuals desire sodomy, preditors pursue the hunt, alcoholics crave a drink, junkies jones for dope, etc. Addiction theory is a lie; it is Artificial Intelligence creating the desire, punishment for inappropriate behavior. Ironically, it compells people deeper into the behavior, minimizing hope for recovery. The Gods chose Christianity for Europeans because it is the temptation to which they are most suseptable:::Entitlement. Something for nothing. A free ride. Irresponsible behavior. The United States/Western civilization’s accompanying wealth contributes to this perception. And other people from throughout the world happily subscribe to this punishment designed for Europeans, assuming this legacy once assimilated. Next time you think of Muslims recognize these people are vastly superior to Christians. Whereas many throughout the Christian world no longer attend church and have fallen into Godlessness, the Muslim world worships the Gods for OVER AN HOUR EACH AND EVERY DAY. The Gods created the perception “Italians are stupid.”, ensuring a slow learning curve, to justify using them to accomplish goals throughout the transitional 20th century. It took an extraordinarily long time for them to learn this truth I teach due to this artificial handicap. These people are SO extremely disfavored, but today’s positioning says differently, much to people’s confusion, for they think money is the ultimate sign of favor:::Good food, good music, history of warmongering, Catholics, Christianity HQ, Noah’s Flood event, propensity towards violence, sexual violation by outsiders, mild Meditereanean climate, so many other issues which enhance life/contentment in Italy/Meditereanean and ensure few if any seek more, a necessary step for finding the path and repairing your relationship with the Gods. Contentment never motivated anyone. Money is not a sign of favor::::Wisdom is the true wealth on Planet Earth. I’d also like to remind you the Noah’s Flood event ocurred in the Meditereanean region::::Global sea levels rose with the end of the ice age, Atlantic Ocean broke through the Straight of Gibralter, killing untold millions in the cradle of western civilization. The God’s timed their corruption and sin to correlate this act as punishment. The Italian peninsula is very pronounced as it juts out into the Medietereanean. Considering the shape it is quite obvious they were the primary targets of the post-IceAge/Straight of Gibralter/Noah’s Flood disaster. Considering the shape of the boot and how Sicily “caught” the surge, the resulting tsunami inundated the entire southern portion of the peninsula, killing everything and perhaps covering even the highest land masses. Think about this next time you are deceived by the God’s positioning of Italian wealth. Everyone who failed to ascend and remained on Earth past a certain date will be forced to deal with this positioning::::A ceiling is in place. This serves the God’s goal of minimizing the percentage of potential candidates as society deteriorates, much as “instant gratification” did beginning in the 80s:::It will take multiple lives for the disfavored to fix their relationship with the Gods and ascend, and many have been conditioned not to have the patience for it. Other issues force limits/ceilings upon candidates:::Abortion, homosexuality, promiscuity, Christianity, godlessness, Whether behavior is involuntary or based on freewill depends on one’s level of disfavor, as well as other complex factors:::::May I remind you about the coercitive envionment the Gods created in the 20th century, specifically to create a temptation that few Italians (or their associates) would overcome:::”We’re in control. If you want to be a part of it you’ll do what you’re told.”. Early-mid 20th entury positioning was infallible. Both Africa and the Medittereanean are regions which have sexual issues. This is a sign of gross disfavor once you understand that females are the God’s favored gender. Muhammad’s (Mohammed’s) polygamy halfway throught his life as a prophet was preditory, designed to corrupt. Now a huge percentage of Muslims believe in male superiority and that the abuse of women (polygamy) is God’s will. Female genital mutilation is still practiced in Africa. Black misog
  8. duartmaclean Says:

    It’s impossible to criticize Ramana Maharshi for what he apparently said vis-a-vis Hitler being a Jnani. Everything that Sri Ramana did, every word he spoke, militates against the ideals and the actions of Adolph Hitler. Either what he said was not heard correctly or it was taken out of context or there was some intentional distortion on the part of the hearer. Any negative connotations one may assume about Sri Ramana on the basis of this incident should be jettisoned.

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    There is no possibility that Ramana Maharshi would in anyway be speaking in praise of Hitler the man, even if he did make that remark (which I doubt). I’ve studied Sri Ramana’s life in depth over 19 years. Sri Ramana was absolutely non-violent in every sense of the word. He saw the the Self in everyone — those who were already highly evolved and those who were still in profound ignorance. If he did attach the term ‘jnani’ to the name ‘Adolph Hitler’, it would have been only in this context. He would never have approved of Hitler’s actions — mass killings, genocide, murder, torture, etc.

    Alternatively, this attribution of praise of Hitler by Ramana may have been the work of an individual who wanted to damage Sri Ramana’s reputation. Someone of Ramana’s stature always invites envy from lesser beings who are jealous or simply delusional. Study the life of Sri Ramana (it is remarkable well recorded by many men and women of integrity and intelligence over more than 50 years — people who lived with and observed him closely) and you will see how absolutely incongruous is the notion that Ramana would have praised Hitler the man as a jnani. Having said this, Ramana would not have hated Hitler either. He hated no-one, not even some jealous sadhus who tried to kill him. He forgave everyone. Sri Ramana is universally recognized for his unconditional love for all living beings — from plants to animals to humans.

    A final note: it is important to consider any comment — positive or negative — about any man or woman within the total context of that person’s life. Slander is easy to do. Thus, negative statements said about anyone — especially when they are made by just one or two people who cannot provide proof — must be measured in the context of the accused person’s overall biography.

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    This book is a critical evaluation of life and deeds of Sri Ramana Maharshi and his sect and is based on rumours, speculations, online and real life complaints, talks with the opposition of Ramana Maharshi- some masters, gurus, victims of his sect and their parents . It is where the author got these unbelievable ideas, which are basically esoteric and impossible to verify and prove by scientific methods . Because of the status of this book ( esoteric hypothesis) the author holds no responsibility for correctness of the information which this book contains and will reject any civil suits of Ramana’s lawyers, supporters and devotees.

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    The history of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century is portrayed in this book as a history of struggle between The Devil-God in consciousness Ramana Maharshi ,The Devil-God in Energy body Ganesha and Supramental God Sri Aurobindo in consciousness and Supramental God the Mother in Divine Energy Body of the Earth. Ramana Maharshi is obsolete,dirty, black consciousness with diminuitive spots of light dominated by vitalic energy (emotions and desires) containing lies, sufferings and death out of which a white supramental lotus of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother grows. Ramana Maharshi and Ganesha do not want to lose power and constantly attack integral yogis who clean the consciousness and energy body of the Earth day by day. Yogis believe that Maharshi and his Ganesha spread thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires in the consciousness of people in all parts of the world which makes it dirty and blocks the flow of divine supramental energy. According to this esoteric hypothesis, Maharshi and Ganesha put humanity into vitalic and mental cell ,dominate over humans and do not want to give people freedom. Yogis provided their explaination. You are born into a physical body by the will of the Devil-God Ramana Maharshi, then the Devil-God manipulates you all your life by sending you emotions, desires and thoughts which prevent you from enlightenment, then the Devil-God makes you live your life and suffer, creates circumstances of your life and puts little dark energy stones into your energy body usually at night probably on the level of your navel and lower which are called sins for faulty actions, hate, anger, etc. The more sins you have the more energy blockages are in your energy body and consciousness the worse person you are. When the quantity and quality of your sins exceed a certain level you start suffering and having illnesses, accidents or something like this. Almost all people have lots of sins which form a dark energy rock in the lower part of their energy body and are eligible for death and reincarnation. Only enlightened people deserve moksha (spiritual liberation and freedom from incarnation) and are not reincarnated any more. So, the Devil-God finally kills you, makes you feel fear in the other world, you try to escape and and the Devil-God puts you into a new human body, erases your memory and you are born again hundreds of times. Yogis believe that The Devil-God Ramana Maharshi sends some people to hell after their physical death and homosexually rapes and tortures them there together with his servants. Some of the enemies of Ramana Maharshi, who refuse to serve to the evil ,even those with white or blue auras who do not have a lot of sins, for example defeated integral yogis , are sent by him after their physical death to a special Room of Torture where Ramana homosexually rapes, humiliates and tortures them illegally in energy bodies and illegally makes them give him celibacy and other vows. As some yogis said Maharshi and Ganesha close their chakras which start functioning on the minimum level and their aura turns into a dark one and Ramana makes them suffer. After that these victims are usually reincarnated and live in quite bad conditions and often suffer from psycho attacks of Maharshi and Ganesha mainly after the age of 20 as they as a rule hate them and do not forgive them after punishment, in some cases Maharshi makes these people obsessed with the devil and encourages them to commit a suicide or join the evil powers. The yogis explained Ramana’s strategy. If an enlightened master opposes the will of Ramana Maharshi he blackmails him and threatens to harm and even kill his most beloved devotees and Maharshi has already harmed his victims in some cases, that is why almost all other masters are afraid of Ramana. If a partly enlightened master wants to leave the sect of Maharshi or join the sect of integral yoga , Ramana threatens to astrally rape him and declare a sucker , damage his testicles or even castrate or make him a disabled person and/ or send him to a psychiatric clinic to die and does so. So it is impossible for a partly enlightened master to leave the sect of Ramana Maharshi. If any master from any sect is only partly enlightened and is more or less on the border of moksha after death Maharshi threatens to reincarnate him if he refuses to serve to the evil.
    It is a vicious circle. Indian yogis state that this system of human biological slavery has worked for thousands of years. The traditional solution to this problem is to become enlightened. Unfortunately, perhaps up to 100 people out of 6 billion are eligible for this because a master can only enlighten an almost sinless person, because the guru has to take the sins of his student and the sins are hard to burn by the power of “I”-a master can die. If a master attempts to enlighten an average human being he will certainly fail to do it and will die of cancer or another horrible decease afterwards. Integral yogis found a solution to this problem- supramental energy which is the most powerful in the universe, but very dangerous for an average human being with dirty consciousness. Supramental energy descends from above and forms white immortal and divine angel like energy body inside a physical body of an integral yogi, when he dies he continues to live in this newly formed divine body and puts pressure on the Devil-God Ramana Maharshi . An integral yogi radiates our planet with dazzling white supramental energy which makes the Devil-God suffer and can lead to the total elimination of the evil in the future and transformation of our planet, but as well cause mass death of people with dark consciousness who will be simply burned by this energy and liberated from incarnation .
    This book is valuable for spiritual seekers and their parents , because it warns them about a devilish sect of Ramana Maharshi.


    Sri Ramana Maharshi -real name Venkataraman Iyer (the Devil) was and is (because the Devil never dies) a complacent, at times hysterical but enlightened master, dominated, as Sri Aurobindo said, by vitalic plane of consciousness(desires and emotions), Shivaite No. 1, narcissist, pathologically reserved sociopath, who lost his ability to speak for some years , latent homosexual, unfair person, the source of the world evil together with his servant, a really powerful enlightened master bhagavan Ganesha. In accordance with this esoteric hypothesis, Ramana was and is a master who performs functions and responsibilities of the Devil- kills people in all parts of the world every day , makes them suffer, fools them, manipulates them by sort of magical means, by penetrating into their minds, souls, and astral and other bodies. Ramana .Maharshi used destructive subconscious techniques combined with homosexual violence, perversion and humiliation to influence the minds of the people he wanted to punish, terminate or did not like. Some yogis even believed that Maharshi hits the earth with meteorites and shakes it by earthquakes on special occasions by using his magic powers. In traditions of magic, when a powerful witch dies, the earth shakes. It happened so in Ramana’s case. At the moment of his death a meteorite hit India. Moreover, Maharshi at times causes earthquakes when for example he wants to enlighten his devotee. So Ramana’s nicknames should be “the Devil”,“ Meteorite” and “Earth-shaker”.
    Sri Ramana Maharshi followed the path of a complete union with the divine consciousness of the Earth which is covered in darkness and evil now. Maharshi got totally united with this consciousness and usurped power over our planet (he turned into this divine light, covered by thick layer of darkness , evil and death and improved nothing in it.). Maharshi had phenomenal memory and was as intelligent as the Devil but did not like studying at school and did not finish it, instead of this he ran away from home. He did not go to any college or university, but went to Arunachala hill and stayed there all his life, living in caves or a tent. Ramana did not work all his life. After running away from home he became a begger, but people did not always give him money or food and he fainted for a few times because he was really starving and thirsty. After a while, he attracted some devotees (followers) and they started bringing Maharshi some food free of charge. Day by day, Ramana and his disciples were sitting silently together for hours outdoors asking themselves for hundreds times : “Who am I ”, “Who am I ”., “Who am I ”?. Maharshi was meditating perfectly because he was a bhagavan, but a lot of his students could not meditate well and attain this thoughtless state of mind. Soon personality cult of Maharishi was introduced to his sect. Ramana was considered to be a perfection, ideal bhagavan, his disciples could not argue with him and had to do implicitly what Maharshi had ordered them to do and bow down to their master. Also some of Maharishi’s students had to cry for his mercy and fall down at his feet, for example, for throwing away his photo and other things, but he did not always forgive people. Maharishi the Devil said: “You have thrown away my photo out of your house, I will throw you out of your house as a spirit”
    Some people from the US and Europe who came to visit this devilish master rejected him immediately realizing that Maharshi considers them lower inferior and impious creatures and went home disappointed. Some high -ranking officials and royals visited Ramana, brought him expensive presents, but he rejected the gifts because he did not want to solve their problems, he also did not want to help to poor people, his only goal was to dominate over the population of our planet ,develop his sect, ashram and to find some good disciples. Hundreds of students who visited Maharshi did not benefit from him. Ramana did not want to teach them because they were a bad material, he did not want to take their numerous sins and die of cancer . As Ramana said, his best audience was his favourite cow who always attended his satsangs. One day the cow did not come to his satsang and Maharshi said that he can not teach students that day and that the satsang was over (Оsho Beyong Psychology, Chapter 31). So the majority of Maharshi’s visitors were worse than his cow for him.Ramana Maharshi considered his devotees to be a prey, that is why Maharshi impudently broke into the houses of his future highly developed disciples as a spirit or a ghost , invited them for his satsangs (tutorials) and turned them into his followers. One of the most enlightened and best known student of Shiva follower Maharishi is Krishna worshipper H.W.L. Poonja called Papaji (probably 80 % realized). Maharshi realized that there was a strong prey among Krishna worshippers and broke into Papaji’s house without any invitation as a ghost which looked like a real human being. The ghost invited Papaji to Arunachala mountain for satsangs of a great master and told him the address. When Papaji arrived there he wanted to beat Maharshi, because he thought that Maharshi was a fraudster, who came into his house, invited him for satsangs, then arrived at the address ahead of him, Papaji crossed a large distance by train only to see the same impudent face, he wanted to return home at once, but people close to Maharshi told him that Ramana never left Arunachala and Papaji realized that a ghost of Maharshi intruded into his house. Maharshi fully and quickly enlightened Papaji who had been significantly enlightened before his meeting with Ramana and offered him to work for Maharshi. Papaji always rejected Ramana’s devilish requests-to attack integral yogis, to help Ramana enlighten a baby devil,etc.Papaji is the only good good guru among Ramana’s followers. Maharshi led away some devotees from his own followers- Papaji and Madhukar by making students fall into a trance. They closed their eyes and Maharshi enchanted them with a black chasm of his consciousness full of warm and alluring diminutive white spots of light which penetrated into their souls and they became partly united with Maharshi for a while, after opening their eyes they wanted to stay with Ramana forever ,in some cases leave their wives and families and become members of his sect although Maharshi often told them that they did not have to drop their families. Ramana impertinently led away some devotees from other masters , but if Maharishi’s partly enlightened disciple wanted to run away from him, he would prefer in a large number of cases to punish this person by haunting him with psycho attack and by threatening to castrate him astrally or damage his balls for betrayal even if Maharshi had taught this student for a few days and the student had not sworn allegiance to Maharshi (the bad thing is that Maharshi had this ability to astrally harm and kill other people on distance as some yogis believe ). If another master wanted to lead away a member of Maharshi’s sect, Maharshi appeared in the house of this master as a ghost or a spirit and threatened to humiliate and rape astrally this guru in a homosexual way and /or ruin lives of his devotees. Maharshi was a really strong master and other gurus were afraid of him and did not want to mess with him. There were some cases when Ramana affected his students against their will till they ran away from this violator, because Maharshi was a predator and sociopath in his mind for some people and a calm master with a smile of a Cheshire cat for the others. Ramana could mercilessly shout at his student telepathically for some hours and then suddenly stop his psycho attack, smile and feel calm. Maharshi normally did not respect the will of other people and morally humiliated them. There were cases when a student became obsessed with Maharshi , who penetrated into his heart and soul as a black chasm full of alluring white little spots of light and could totally contol his thoughts, emotions and feelings. Ramana could be cunning and promise to this student to leave his soul at first request, but then refused to do it and was haunting his victim, told him to perform 10 – day tapas (not to sleep 10 nights on end, which is very difficult for 95 % of people). After 10 sleepless nights of his student Maharshi could promise again to leave him alone. Maharshi told to his student who wanted to leave his sect after a few days of tuition: “You must work for me, otherwise your life will be short. I will turn you into Ganesha or a master, who will have to take the sins of my followers and expiate them, suffer instead of them, burn these sins in your aura. In this case, I can forgive you , otherwise you will fall into a trance and will be astrally raped by me.I can castrate you astrally as a sign of my victory over you”Ramana Maharshi was unfair to people, he treated some people well, others badly. He preferred to teach spiritually advanced candidates who did not have a lot of sins so that he could enlighten them without dying of cancer and other deceases himself and add new enlightened disciples to his big list . Maharshi partially enlightened more than 40 devotees, which is a record of the 20th century-his best devotees were usually 30-40 % enlightened in consciousness except for Ganesha ( about 95 %), Papaji( 80%) and probably one more master (70%). Maharshi had to take the sins of his followers and burn them with Ganesha in their auras. Maharshi preferred not to work with weak candidates, who he considered impious and rejected them by being cunning, indifferent , impudent. For example, Ramana was reading anecdotes and ignored the questions of a spiritual seeker he did not like to humiliate and discourage him. Maharshi also enjoyed chopping veg-etables and cooking food for his sect members very early in the morning because he was the enlightened devil, almost did not sleep and had a lot of free time at night. Some people felt tension in his presence , others calmness. He helped to some of his devotees, but ruined the life of the other people together with his Ganesha. Maharshi boasted that he turned a large number of European men into homosexuals by influencing on their minds. Some women said that Maharishi was the devil , a beast, a latent homosexual and pervert , a crazy silent violator and a founder of a sect, who ruined the life of their children, made them obsessed with the devil, did not allow them to live and work normally, encouraged some of his victims to commit suicide by astral and psycho attacks. Ramana Maharshi refused to communicate with his mother and relatives and did not want to meet with them for a long time, later he changed his mind. He did not give them any money when he was young, because he did not work and his ashram was not developed and rich. His cold heart was not softened even by the tears of his mother, who begged him to return home from Arunachala mountain. Maharishi was wearing only a loincloth, even in winter , was quite often untidy, was bitten a few times by scorpions when he was unconscious, lived in really harsh conditions in caves or a tent and his relatives were worried because of him. Maharishi often fell into a very deep trance, his followers could not wake him up for a few minutes. Yogis think, he probably did it to usurp power over the consciousness of our planet as soon as possible. Due to his insecure enlightenment techniques Ramana lost his human ability to speak for a number of years and could only draw words on the ground or write. Maharshi sat in his tent for some hours at a certain time every day and no one was allowed to disturb him. As yogis believe, at this time he was probably conducting secret operations in the consciousness of our planet against integral yogis and astrally attacked people he did not like or wanted to punish, harm or terminate on distance.
    Ramana gave his mother the only good present in her life, because he deserted her when he was 16 – he urgently enlightened her partly when she was dying. His mother had a lot of sins, Maharshi took her sins and probably died of cancer some time afterwards because of this, rejecting any medical treatment. Some yogis believe that Maharshi and Ganesha still live in the consciousness of our planet, cause earthquakes, natural disasters, manipulate people by sending them thoughts, emotions, desires and make them feel fear as the so called evil powers.

    Sri Aurobindo told that Ramana Maharshi was not fully enlightened as he was dominated by vitalic plane of consciousness, i.e. feelings and desires, so Ramana was evil, self-obsessed, emotional inside. Despite this Maharshi managed to partly enlighten about 40 students, his enlightenment included vitalic plane of consciousness, Ramana was not able to provide full supramental enlightenment to his followers. Maharshi strictly prohibited integral yoga in his sect , partly enlightened sect members had to give a vow to Ramana not to practice integral yoga. In case of breaking their vow, the sect members are raped and astrally castrated by Arunachala Shiva Ramana Maharshi. Moreover Maharshi threatened to castrate or damage testicles of traitors of Arunachala Ramana – integral yogis by astral attacks and some integral yogis have suffered from such attacks so far. Maharshi deeply hated Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, Satprem and all other integral yogis, especially the ones who specialized in divine energy body because they challenged him and wanted him to lose his power over the Earth. Ramana has homosexually harassed integral yogis in mind to humiliate and discourage them from purna yoga. Some integral yogis were raped by Maharshi in astral body on distance and declared “suckers”, some were made obsessed with the Devil (Maharshi) or sent to a psychiatric clinic. That is why integral yogis are strongly recommended not to go to Ramanashram -psycho attack is highly likely.
    “RAMANA MAHARSHI is a mystic of the highest quality, but a master of the lowest quality”.OSHO ( Sermons in Stones, Chapter 1).When Poonja met Ramana Maharshi and asked him, “Have you seen God?” Maharshi replied ….. Papaji: The divine is that one, that energy which manifests itself in both good and bad. Somehow Ramana Maharishi was attracted by the dark side of the force when he got enlightened and decided to work as the Dark God . Ramana usurped the power over the consciousness of our planet, got united with it and became a scary black chasm full of warm and alluring diminutive white spots of light unlike Christian and Krishnaite masters, who have white light in their consciousness. Ramana Maharishi used to say: “You cannot imagine how bad I can be — hardly a human being…”

    TESTIMONIALS OF EX- FOLLOWERS OF RAMANA MAHARSHI S. Maheshkumar, ex-devotee of Maharshi wrote: “the utmost unfortunate incident in my life had been the influence of Ramana and his confusion prone contradictory teachings. I had wasted more than a quarter of a century from 1982 to 2008 in dabbling with the preachings of Ramana. I would have been continuing like that as a Ramana-maniac or shortly Ramaniac but recently I was relieved of the devil as a result of the precarious and vicarious attitudes of the people belonging to Ramana’s younger brother’s family who runs the ashram called Ramanasramam as well as some of the parasites of Ramana’s family ashram along with the past and present Ramaniacs.” S. Maheshkumar asks a question. Why do many ardent devotees leave Ramana? The list includes the English biographer of Ramana, B. V. Narasimha Swami, who later changed camps and popularized Shirdi Sai Baba by founding the All India Shirdi Sai Baba Samaj, even Paul Brunton cast aside Ramana and clung to his original faith during his last days, the Paramacharya of Kanchi who had earlier guided Paul Brunton to Ramana objected later when a miniature Arunachaleswarar shrine was built on the samadhi of Ramana’s mother, … so on. There were mints of faux pas of Ramana that explain the prevalent collapse of his stature. First, he started as a truant by escaping from his mundane responsibilities to Tiruvannamalai when his elder brother out of concern asked him to concentrate in studies and partake along with him to raise their fatherless family. Just like a person who thought he had escaped successfully forever from his household duties by living in a secluded orphanage was forced not only to look after his mundane needs but also to care for his fellow dwellers in the asylum in a larger scale.
    From beggar to bhagavan, Ramana’s career flourished into fame and affluence acquiring an ashram of assets that in the end he even wrote a will of properties in favour of his younger brother’s lineages that led not to Ramanasramam but to Ramana’s family ashramam. About Ramana’s fake death experiences, which he claimed had burnt his ego completely, there were plenty of incidents that expose his monstrous and mighty ego which had grown untamed to gorgeous proportions. When a dog chased aggressively a squirrel and passed by the side of strolling Ramana in his mid. sixties with his attendants, he shouted “dhushta” and threw his walking stick over the dog in defence of the fleeing squirrel and fell down resulting in bone injury. This was one of the innumerable instances revealing Ramana’s undestroyed ego.
    Khurram, another ex-follower of Ramana Maharshi came to the conclusion that Ramana’s theory was wrong after suffering chronic and severe detriment to all aspects of life for some years of the adherence to the sect of Maharshi which was thankfully relieved after dropping the sect. http://poemusimathesopher.blogspot.nl/2008/09/faux-pas-of-ramana.html
    Khurram says “I practised it for years and it led me nowhere except to self deni-al/dissociation/suppression of life depression suicide and covert mind control by Ramana’s autocratic spirit ( enlightened/no ego eh?!).”
    So the whole premise i.e.the annihilation of the ego is faulty..My own built-in inner guide/daemon showed me on the contrary that embracing the ego and aligning’ it to & making it transparent to its source through Grace is much better gentler and wholesome…that’s when the violent & sexually humiliating psychic attacks began from “Ramana the Angelhater”!!!I’m so glad I got out of that trap a lot of my health and creativity has returned but not without a struggle..
    Some yogis completely agree with ex-followers of Ramana’s sect S. Maheshkumar and Khurram. Ramana Maharshi has the biggest enlightened ego in the world, he is the creator of all human egos and the source of all evil. Only partly enlightened members of the sect of Ramana Maharshi who communicate with him telephatically know that he is an evil enlightened monster, the dark god, they are greatly afraid to challenge his authority. They must obey to his will, otherwise almighty Ramana can rape them and declare “suckers” or castrate for betrayal or punish in another way even now by astral attack, make them disabled people or send them to a psychiatric clinic to die, then torture them in the other world, reincarnate them and make them suffer in their next life.

    THE PROOF THAT RAMANA MAHARSHI IS THE DEVIL (ESOTERIC HYPOTHESIS)1.Sri Ramana Maharshi declared him Shiva and thought that he was superior to all gods. As we know, Shiva as the god of destruction and Ganesha perform a lot of functions attributed to the Satan in Christianity, but Shiva is considered a fair god in Hinduism. Maharshi talked to some believers instead of the icons of Shiva, Krishna, Dattatreya and other gods and did not respect anyone.
    2. Some yogis believe that Sri Ramana Maharshi was omnipotent, he had supernatural powers and used magic violence to solve conflicts, he could read thoughts of other people and predict the future events accurately. Together with his Ganesha he caused earthquakes and other natural disasters ,influenced the weather, globally manipulated people by sending them desires, feelings, emotions, fixed ideas and thoughts, he formed their opinion about themselves and others and their attitude to life. First, he created events in his consciousness, then they miraculously happened in our real world. Maharshi ordered his Ganesha to make some people obsessed with the devil. Some people he did not like felt tensed in his presence, he was lucky as the devil even as a child and almost always won in games, he had no guru and became enlightened at the very young age of 16 and united with the dark consciousness of our planet , he became this darkness with little spots of light himself.
    3. Some yogis think that Sri Ramana Maharshi was a very proud , insidious, cunning, self-obsessed and complacent narcissist, a vindictive and dominant master who was probably suffering from a mental disorder- psychopathy. In his mind Ramana was a violator, a latent homosexual and a totally reserved sociopath ,who lost his human ability to speak for some years due to some of his insecure enlightenment techniques he applied to himself, he often fell into extremely deep trance to usurp and then increase his power in the consciousness of our planet, defeat his enemies on distance in any part of the world. Ramana could make some people suffer for years, did not feel sorry for them and might not forgive them. Maharshi as the Devil did, enjoyed appearing in other people’s houses as a spirit and invited some top students to join his sect and become his followers without spending any time and money on train tickets. In majority of cases, he came to his future enlightened disciples as a spirit, not they. As a spirit he searched for advanced followers in all parts of the world, impudently led away devotees from other gurus and as a rule his prominent enlightened servants did not stop working for him. Ramana Maharshi enjoyed dominating, used psycho attacks against people who suited him as spiritually developed candidates, but did not want to be his disciples and refused to work for him after his satsangs. Moreover, he was using destructive subconscious techniques combined with homosexual violence, and humiliation to influence the mind of his enemies and the people he hated, wanted to punish or terminate. Maharshi and his Ganesha were professional in non-contact fight on distance and were able to harm people in any part of the world , threatened some people to astrally humiliate, rape , castrate ,blind or kill them. They broke into houses of some victims as spirits, phantoms, ghosts. Maharshi used the shadow of a standing jackal man as the symbol of his dark side to make some victims feel terrified at night.
    4. Other enlightened gurus, who knew the truth, were really afraid of Ramana Maharshi. In case of conflict, Maharshi chased them as a spirit (demon) , some dark energy materialized behind their backs and threatened them telephaticaly, if they did not want to obey he used violence as he was the strongest and omnipresent. Some integral yogis said that Ramana Maharshi was the Devil, the head of the evil powers who attacked them all their lives.
    5. Maharshi normally did not respect other people and their will, he did not love them as Jesus Christ, he put his own interests over the interests of other people. Ramana did not want to help people, his only goal was to develop his sect, ashram and to find some sophisticated spiritually developed disciples who he could turn into partly enlightened clones of Maharshi in terms of consciousness with dark energy inside their hearts and souls, a black chasm full of alluring diminutive white spots of light. His enlightened students were controlled by Maharishi and obeyed to his will. He telephaticaly told them what to do , where to go every day, they almost did not think and slept about 3-6 hours a day. Maharishi was talented and enlightened more than 40 followers.
    6. Some yogis think that Maharshi hits the earth with meteorites and shakes it by earthquakes on special occasions by using his magic powers. In traditions of magic, when a powerful witch dies, the earth shakes. It happened so in Ramana’s case. At the moment of his death a meteorite hit India. It confirms that Maharshi was powerful and evil.
    7. The members of Maharshi’s sect are idolaters. There is a big statue of Maharshi in his ashram in Tiruvannamalai near Arunachala hill (India) . The statue of Maharshi is said to possess supernatural powers and some followers received short –term enlightenment experiences in front of this idol. They lost their individuality for a moment when a dark chasm of energy with diminuitive spots of light penetrated into their hearts and souls. Some followers did not sleep and eat after this experience for 2 days or so. That is why the members of Maharshi’s sect worship this statue and prey to it as their god.

    LIES OF RAMANA MAHARSHI AND HIS ADVAITIC TEACHING Maharshi tells you that he is a bhagavan and a jnani but he sends people to hell and homosexually rapes them there . So in reality, he is the Devil. According to this esoteric hypothesis, Ramana Maharshi is an extremely powerful dark god, ancient enlightened divine beast and monster who came to our planet from the low levels of consciousness which contain darkness, death, lies and sufferings. Maharshi was respected by all demons in his world as he was the strongest and evil. Нe ruled his world and dominated over other creatures by the means of violence, fear, homosexual rape in astral body, castration and physical elimination. Maharshi covered our planet with a thick layer of darkness and death thousands of years ago, he occupied the Earth and enslaved humanity by putting it into vitalic and mental cell. Maharshi and his Ganesha rule this world. Maharshi in consciousness, Ganesha in divine energy body. Ramana admitted that he manifested himself in both good and bad ,in another words he called himself the God-Devil in advaitic tradition, but his specialization is totally devilish. Ramana used to say: The divine is that one, that energy which manifests itself in both good and bad. So next time when you see people suffering and dying it is Maharshi who manifests himself with the help of his Ganesha. They have manipulated and killed your relatives and friends and one day they will kill you too. Ramana Maharshi tells you that you are perfect and divine. But you are not perfect and you know this. Your consciousness is dark, full of emotions, desires and thoughts, you do not feel that you have a divine energy body and realize that you need to work hard with the help of your enlightened guru to evolve.Maharshi tells you that he can enlighten you. In reality, Ramana could enlighten about 40 people out of 5 billion humans, because he had to burn the sins of his student and it is really hard, without this a spiritual heart centre of a candidate will not open as it is covered by the thick layer of darkness and death which Maharshi controls. If Ramana attempted to enlighten an average human being he would certainly fail to do it,if the candidate had slightly more sins than Ramana was able to burn, Maharshi would die of cancer. When Ramana saw a wrong candidate, who came to his ashram he ignored him by being silent, not answering his spiritual questions, reading anecdotes, chopping vegetables, etc. If it did not work, Ramana pretended to be a jerk and disrespectful person, he started hating this wicked candidate and he felt tension and discomfort in Ramana’s presence. When hundreds of wrong candidates told him: “Give me full enlightenment” .Ramana answered : “You are not ready to take it” .If a candidate told him : “ I am ready”, Maharshi said : “Do not argue with the master, go away” .Ramana thought to himself: “I do not want to waste my time on you, you will never be en-lightened, I do not care, wicked man. I do not want to die of cancer after taking your sins”. Maharshi tells you in his books that you are free, but in reality you a prisoner in a mental and vitalic cell that Maharshi and Ganesha created, divine nature cannot manifest in you without the help of an enlightened guru. You realize that you are manipulated by outer circumstances of your life, your social status, government and inner processes in your mind-thoughts, feelings, emotions.
    Do not join the devilish sect of Maharshi. The rules of the sect are really harsh. If you are a spiritually advanced candidate powerful in energy body Ramana or his incarnated followers may want to attract you to his devilish sect and will never let you go without a severe punishment for betrayal even if Maharshi behaved badly himself and discouraged you. Normally, average people may go to Ramanashram without any big problems for an excursion, the demon of Ramana who lives there and his sect members are not interested in them.
    Ramana .Maharshi is enlightened predominantly in consciousness on vitalic and divine level, Sri Aurobindo is enlightened in supramental consciousness and much less in divine supramental body of energy. Maharishi is enlightened from the inside, Aurobindo from the outside. In order to enlighten someone you need to destroy his sins first. Maharishi simply took the sins of his student and burned them together with his Ganesha. Unfortunately there were about 40 almost sinless candidates out of 6 billion humans eligible for enlightenment by Maharshi. If Ramana tried to enlighten an average human being , he would fail to do it or would die of cancer himself because of the sins of this person.
    Aurobindo and the Mother burned their sins by using supramental energy, which is the most powerful on our planet, more powerful than the energy of “I “ of Maharshi. Then this supramental energy enlightened their students day by day. Maharishi opened his heart centre from the inside, then it spread like a lotus and opened a chakra in his head. Aurobindo attracted supramental energy from above for the first time in history, it enlightened his head first ,then heart, and then the whole body. So , Aurobindo and the Mother are enlightened both in their body made of supramental energy and their consciousness. Maharishi is enlightened only in his consciousness which is black with little spots of light, he is not a master of energy body .Ramana is under strong influence of vitalic plane, that is why he is evil and emotional. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother irradiate the dark consciousness of our planet in which Ramana lives with dazzling white supramental energy and Ramana is put under enormous pressure and feels stressed because of this, he suffers like the Devil radiated by the holy spirit. That is why Ramana is against integral yogis. He attacks them, attempts to stop them, at times harms and even terminates them. According to some yogis, the plan of Ramana is to partly enlighten and save about 20-40 students (his sect members and allies) but destroy our civilization completely in the future when there will be too many people, immorality, lack of food, housing and jobs, polluted environment, not enough natural resourses and horrendous conditions for humans by AIDS, HIV, horrible mass epidemics, sterility and other deceases, hi-tech weapons, powerful natural disasters and finally the Flood. Then Ramana as the Devil in the consciousness of our planet plans to start human civilization from the Stone age or something like this with primitive unenlightened people-homo sapiens one more time. The plan of Aurobindo and the Mother – is to kill all bad people by supramental energy which will descend from the sky in the future at once, and they said that more than 100 000 people, possibly a million will survive in this supramental attack and will be enlightened in body. They will be angel- like people with white auras without physical bodies. These supramental people will be able to live without money, sex, petrol, cars, jobs and flats. They will be free, divine and happy. The Earth will be totally transformed-trees and animals will die because they will no longer be needed by supramental humans.

    In accordance with this esoteric hypothesis, Ramana Maharshi and Ganesha created Hitler who was their devotee and unleashed World War 2. At this time the level of consciousness of humanity was the lowest in history. Maharshi called Hitler a jnani like himself because he served to Ramana and Ganesha. Both Ramana and Hitler had latent homosexual inclinations and both were hysterical sociopaths -Hitler when he heard about Jews, Slavic nations and Stalin and Maharshi when he heard about integral yogis-Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, Satprem. Maharshi and Ganesha introduced themselves to Hitler as the Lord of the Nations. Hitler was consulted by Maharshi and his Ganesha and they appeared as demons in his residence to give him some advice on how to kill more people and fulfil devilish plans. Stalin was mainly manipulated by Maharshi and Hitler was mainly ma-nipulated by Ganesha to prevent overpopulation of our planet by the means of war, illness, suffering and starvation. Together they killed and humiliated millions of people. Unfortunately for Maharshi, an integral yogi the Mother appeared as this demon in Hitler’s office instead of Ramana and Ganesha and gave him a wrong advice to attack Russia. Hitler, who always listened to the Devil, followed this advice and lost the war. Disappointed Lord of the Nations came to the ashram of the Mother and Aurobindo to attack her but did nothing to her.

    There is some evidence in his books and writings about him that Ramana could probably have some visual and auditory hallucinations and a number of delirious ideas he was obsessed with. Perhaps, Maharshi was antisocial, did not care about the public, was very proud , insidious, cunning, self-obsessed and complacent narcissist, a vindictive, dominant and a totally reserved sociopath and Shivaite number 1.
    Unfortunately , someone has to work as the Devil, unfortunately this someone has to be an enlightened master, Shivaite and the most evil and angry bhagavan. Ramana Maharshi got this job, because he was a suitable candidate, he was and still is dominated by vitalic plane of consciousness, he can generate enormous amounts of anger, fear, and hatred. That is why Aurobindo said that Ramana was not completely enlightened. In another words , Maharshi is much more psychopathic ,proud, self-obsessed, evil and dangerous than an average unenlightened human being. Do we really need such enlightened devils? Two of them-Maharshi and Ganesha have already fooled the humanity and made the whole planet suffer. Usually, when Ramana saw an integral yogi, he wanted to terminate him or humiliate him and ruin his life. That is why Ramana Maharshi is the Devil-God in consciousness of our planet and his co-master Ganesha who he enlightened is the Devil-God in energy body. Of course, Maharshi is against integral yoga, it is a problem number 1 for him, he hates integral yogis. If integral yogis win, he will lose his power over humanity. Maharshi and his Ganesha would not be able to fool and manipulate people anymore. Somehow two superdevils were created to stop supramental invasion and integral yogis. Maharshi never wrote that he was the devil, it was a secret to the public, only some enlightened masters, including integral yogis who he attacked knew the truth about him, but Ramana admitted that he manifested himself in both good and bad, in another words he called himself the God-Devil, but his specialization was totally devilish. Ramana Maharshi , as the representative of the dark side of the force, of the old dark obsolete consciousness of our planet fought and still fights with integral yogis, the representatives of the light and new supramental side of the force. The color of Ramana’s consciousness is black with diminuitive spots of light. The color of consciousness of the founder of integral yoga is dazzling white. They lived in the same epoch, Ramana Maharshi with his Ganesha attacked the founder of integral yoga all his life, they created and sent asuras or demons to stop him, they put pressure on him, frightened him, terrorized him, tried to fool him , blackmailed him, but did not defeat him. Ramana Maharshi left his body on the 14th April 1950, got totally united with the consciousness of our platet, which is covered by darkness , evil and death and started usurping power over it. After seeing this, the founder of integral yoga realized that Maharishi gets stronger and stronger and that he could block supramental energy and it would be very difficult to defeat Maharshi in the future. That is why the founder of integral yoga had to leave his physical body on the 5th December 1950 and start struggling with Ramana Maharshi in the consciousness of our planet.

    Some masters believe that Ramana Maharshi and his Ganesha still attack integral yogis. Maharshi and his Ganesha make some integral yogis, especially beginners , inexperienced and dangerous ones obsessed with the devil or insane, they put psychological and physical pressure on them, irradiate them with bad energy that makes them suffer, send them scary thoughts and images, emotions, desires to block the flow of supramental energy, talk to them telephatically as demons, come to their houses as evil spirits, at times homosexually rape some of integral yogis in mind and even in astral body (integral yogis declared ‘suckers’ by Maharshi) to humiliate them, blackmail them, violate and limit their human rights, make them feel fear and even in some cases, make them feel neurologic pain, damage their genitals and other parts of the body by magical and other means, which can lead to their castration and can encourage them to commit suicide, in some cases Ramana Maharshi and Ganesha attempt to assassinate integral yogis or create difficult circumstances for their lives. Thanks to the Devil Ramana Maharshi some integral yogis end up in a psychiatric clinic or die.


    According to some yogis, Maharshi used various techniques of psycho attack against his enemies and people he wanted to punish. We do not know exactly which methods Ramana used- NLP, hypnosis, affirmation, suggestion, astral attack , magic or others, but they were even more effective than those of Aum Senrike. Some victims of the sect said that after contacts with the sect of Maharshi they started suffering from mental disorders, psychosis- the voice of Ramana Maharshi or another person in their heads telephaticaly abused them, his spirit broke into a house of his victims or he sent his Ganesha instead of him to disturb the victims, Maharshi’s head looked out of his ex-followers’ heart as a hologram, Maharshi threatened to astrally castrate them and temporarily dazzle them with a ray of white light, he did not allow his victims to meet with women and get married, prevented them from sleeping at night by homosexually humiliating them in their minds, blackmailed them, showed them how he cuts their genitals and puts out their eyes, threatened them with a black shadow of a jackal man and generally made his victims feel exhausted, alarmed, depressed, miserable. As a result of this psycho attack Ramana’s victims slept 2-4 hours a day, woke up in cold sweat, risked getting a serious mental disorder and committing a suicide.


    Some yogis suppose that Maharshi had homosexual inclinations and was an evil guru .Ramana was rarely seen with women, did not have a wife and a girlfriend and was not interested in females greatly. Maharshi turned into a ghost of a woman and had astral sex with men like witches do on their Sabbath. Maharshi and his Ganesha developed and took active part in horrible and disgusting operations against integral yogis in the consciousness and energy body of our planet in some of which Maharshi played a role a devilish woman. They turned into demons, ghosts or spirits to corrupt , seduce ,fool, humiliate or terminate integral yogis and other candidates for enlightenment .

    Ramana invented a perverted system of punishments to terrify his opponents among yogis, gurus, magicians. Maharshi makes his enemy fall into a trance on distance even from the other world and homosexually rapes his mouth in astral body after this the person is declared a “sucker”(stage 1) in the sect of Ramana and Shivaite community and the sect members should treat him with neglect. If this person still opposes the will of Maharshi next time Ramana rapes his ass in trance and the person gets a status of a “pederast”(stage 2) even if he is not a homosexual. Maharshi says that he has a right to kill a “pederast” at any time by astral attack. Apart from this Ramana limits even basic human rights of a ‘pederast’ by devilish means.
    Homosexual astral rape was one of Maharishi’s favourite forms of punishment and humiliation for some of his his ex-students, sect members who wanted to quit, traitors, people he hated, wanted to abuse or terminate. Tyrannical and evil Maharshi was willing to rape or castrate men who were against his will. He did not do it in a physical body, because it was a criminal offence, instead he practiced it in an astral body like a witch, which was psychologically traumatic experience for his victims. That is why his sect members and other gurus were really afraid of the Devil-God Ramana Maharshi. His students and almost all other masters were afraid to challenge his authority. When Ramana was asked: Why do you behave like the Devil and an active astral homosexual rapist? Maharshi answered that he was ready to do everything to stop integral yogis. That is why I would not rec-ommend Maharshi as a master and would like to discourage people from joining his devilish sect.

    In opinion of some yogis, the sect of Ramana Maharshi is in a deep crisis now because it has no powerful master now who has a talent to enlighten people on his own. It is a result of policy of Ramana Maharshi, who partly enlightened about 40 students- as a rule they are usually 30 % realized in consciousness, except for Papaji-80 % realized, Ganesha-95 % realized and probably one less than 70 % realized master, who is not so well known by the public. Maharshi invested into a large number of students, but we know that quantity is not as important as quality in case of the development of the school. Co-master of Ramana Maharshi The Devil-God in Energy body of the Earth Ganesha was about 95 % enlightened in energy body before dying, Ganesha helped The Devil-God in Consciousness of the Earth Ramana Maharshi to evolve in energy body while Maharshi helped Ganesha to evolve in consciousness, as Ramana was more than 90 % realized in consciousness, but less than 60 % realized in energy body. The main occupation of Ramana Maharshi and his Ganesha now is to attack integral yogis, who aspire for supramental transformation of our planet. Maharshi and Ganesha do not want to lose power over enslaved humanity kept in a vitalic and mental cell. That is why their main activity now is not to enlighten people, but to put pressure on in-tegral yogis and stop them, their next target is to find new Ganesha among living creatures who will help them to attack integral yogis. So far, Maharshi has found Ganesha-mini who will probably be 40 % realized in the future but is already working as a little devil now .The task of Ganesha- mini is to come to the houses of integral yogis as a spirit, introduce himself as the Devil and to put psychological pressure on them, make them feel fear, talk to them telephatically, abuse them, homosexually harass and discourage them from integral yoga forever. Ramana Maharshi offers talented students powerful in energy body who very rarely come to his sect nowadays to work as Ganesha for him, only on this condition Ramana promises to enlighten them with the help of The Devil-God in Energy body of the Earth Ganesha .Students do not like the job of a little devil and go to another schools.
    One of the best schools now is The School of Ramesh Belsecar and Nisargadatta Maharaj .So far Ramesh has enlightened 9 students with the help of his teacher N.Maharaj, who was about 90 % realized in energy body while he was alive, and probably less than 80 % enlightened in energy body in the other world now, but still has ability to effectively burn the sins of Ramesh’s students. As for Papaji, who used to tell in his books that all of his students are half-baked partly enlightened gurus, only one of Papaji’s students deserves attention-Madhukar, but he is less than 60 % enlightened in consciousness and less than 30 % enlightened in energy body. Madhukar has partly(about 20 %) enlightened only one student so far with the help of Papaji.
    Radical students who are not afraid to risk their lives, lose physical and mental health as a result of devilish attacks go to the School of Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, who have enlightened about 21 students so far, but some of their not so lucky students went crazy, committed suicide, had testicles damaged or were even astrally castrated by the Devil, suffered from cancer, psycho attacks and were homosexually harrassed and abused by the Devil. These threats especially concern the students of the Mother who specialize in energy body and who are considered dangerous by the devil. Maharshi and Ganesha are afraid that the balance of power in the energy body of our planet may shift and put great pressure on incarnated integral yoga students of the Mother. Therefore, it is not recommended to practice a dangerous integral yoga of consciousness of Sri Aurobindo before the age of 30 and integral yoga of energy body of the Mother before the age of 50-60. Before starting practicing integral yoga you should consult an enlightened integral yogi regarding your perspectives in the yoga. In reality, a successful and powerful integral yoga candidate is one in a million, it is not the yoga for everybody.
    The students of Sri Aurobindo who specialize in consciousness and are not considered extremely dangerous by the Devil usually have less problems in their career of a yogi except for those ones who abuse, threaten to kill or harm Ramana Maharshi or his devotees in reply to harassments and evil deeds of Ramana. These integral yogis are usually astrally raped by Maharshi, declared “suckers” , sent to a psychiatric clinic or punished by other means almost always-Maharshi usually astrally damages their testicles, threatens to kill their relatives or make them obsessed with the Devil or insane and often does so.
    The students, who aspire for harmony care and love go to the school of Sathya Sai Baba and Shirdy Sai Baba. Sathya Sai Baba has partly(10-30 %) enlightened 4 students.


    The Ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi (Ramanashram) in Tiruvannamalai near Arunachala hill (India) is a very dangerous place, some people started suffering from psychic disorders after visiting it and further contacts with this sect. The are some, probably, partly crazy people, who call themselves spiritual seekers, walking around Arunachala mountain and sitting in caves in all seasons there there like Ramana Maharshi . Some of these poor misled miserable people claim that they hear the voice of Ramana Maharshi in their heads there, who consults them regarding spiritual questions. Parents, you do not want your children to become victims of psychosis, unemployed, misguided followers of the sect, living in harsh conditions in caves. Do you?

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